The term article review is not always clear to students who are given this assignment. Sometimes even journalists ask for clarification when they are asked to write an article review. The terms ‘article summary’ or ‘article critique’ are interchangeable for those seeking how to write an article review. When the brief is to write one of these pieces, the instructor, supervisor, or editor must clarify exactly what they would like to read when it is finished and submitted.

Generally, an article is given to the person to do a review, critique, or summary. It is often a difficult-to-read article, which requires repeated reading and taking of notes. The person doing the article review might need to look up unfamiliar words and phrases. When exact understanding has been achieved, notes can be written.

A plan must be drawn up, and decisions must be made about which aspects of the article should be addressed. It is usually a formal piece of writing done according to currently accepted conventions. It is not wise to depart from this without specific directions from the person assigning the task.

Steps for Writing an Article Review

  1. Read the article carefully, taking note of words, phrases, and concepts you need to research, define, and look up meanings for.
  2. Research the terms online or at a library. Take clear notes which can be turned into paragraphs later.
  3. Discuss the topic of the article with someone involved in that field of endeavor. For example, if the article is about a theater show, visit a theater and interview an actor or director. If the article is about a coal mine, visit a mining engineer and hold an interview.
  4. Collect about twice as much material in notes as you think you will need to write a review article.
  5. Put aside a considerable period of time to include interviewing and researching.
  6. Begin your drafting, and make sure you adopt a style that either summarizes, critiques, or reviews the material at hand. A review is much more than a description: you need to understand, analyze, and interpret, and if you are asked, offer a personal opinion.
  7. It is sensible to write the first paragraph last. In this way, your analysis is presented in an appropriate way. Then put all the paragraphs together and devise an insightful article review.