A process paper (or a ‘how-to’ essay) is a guide that shows how an action is done, explains how it works, or how it occurs. Your process paper may refer to any topic: cooking a sandwich, writing a capstone project, or conducting a nuclear fission. The main condition is an excellent knowledge of the topic you are going to write about. The goal of a ‘how-to’ essay is to give readers directions so that they can accomplish their task.

Steps for Writing a Process Paper

  • Choose a topic. This might be a part of your job, hobby, or personal experience, or what you studied at school.
  • Do research. No matter how awesome you are at the subject, it is useful to study it once more to make sure you miss nothing.
  • Make notes. Write down all the thoughts and ideas that come to your head while revising the topic. This will help you keep every important detail in mind. It might also be useful to note all the materials and/or equipment readers would need to accomplish their tasks.
  • After you have your brain emptied and all your ideas are written down, it is time to organize what you’ve got. Put all the steps you’ve described in a logical order, describe each of them in a detailed manner, from what happened first to last.
  • The final step is to revise your paper since your text might contain various factual mistakes, typos, and formatting mistakes.